HMRC have issued some more details relating to the claims for the Self-Employed Income Support. The latest guidance was issued on 1 May. Details are in the link highlighted below.

As with many HMRC “guidance notes” issued recently, these tend to be quite basic, and, unfortunately, leave many questions unanswered. It is hoped that HMRC may rethink the method of claim, but at this moment, the latest guidance clearly states: “Your tax agent cannot make the claim for you”, meaning we cannot apply on your behalf.

The guidance goes on to indicate that you will require: –

  • Your Self-assessment Unique Taxpayer Reference Number
  • Your National Insurance Number
  • Your Government Gateway ID and Password
  • Bank account number and sort code for payment

Contact us if you are unable to locate 1 or 2 above. However, the biggest issue is likely to be item 3.

If you know your government gateway ID and Password you do not need to take any action a this time.

If you do not know or don’t have a government gateway ID and password we recommend that you apply as soon as the claim process is started – i.e. you are contacted by HMRC. If you apply sooner then you are at risk of needing to authenticate by post, which may delay the process. You may be able to submit a paper clim (full details have not yet been published) however this will also lead to delays in payment.

Details on the application process are set in the link below. This will take a few days before it is ready. If you need any assistance please contact us as soon as possible.